Who We Are?

An energetic team of skilled recruiters; taking on challenges beyond people’s imaginations. We are evolving constantly to deliver on ever growing talent demands for the Life sciences industry. Biojobz is at the forefront of what can be called a “Nouvelle Vague” in the talent hunt function

With over 10 years in helping clients hire the best scientific talent, we at Biojobz are charting a course very unfamiliar yet exhilarating, the function referred to as “Talent Acquisition” is unfolding at a pace many are unable to keep up with.

Aided with an advantage of being the leading recruiter in the Life Science industry, in some way we consider it an onus on us to constantly progress the prevalent dynamism in the executive search industry. At Biojobz, it has never been “to do more” but it always been “to do better

“I think, therefore I am” ~ Rene Descartes

Our Clients